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Johnson University team with Tim 2013-14

 Game/Practice Strategy

Coach Rice became a part of our program this year, when he came and spent the day working with our team. He exposed some of our defensive weaknesses and our conditioning. He also reaffirmed my belief of fundamentals and their importance throughout the season at every level. Perhaps more than anything is he provided a freshness to our team, that helped rejuvenate our outlook. We coaches often get our minds set on what we think is going on and stick to it, but sometimes what we really need is someone with experience and basketball wisdom to come in and provide a different unbiased look to get us over the hump. Coach Rice was certainly that for our team this season, as we finished the season battling the national champs in a tough game during our conference tournament. We finished the season on a tear, and I was fortunate to be blessed with Coach of the Year honors, which no doubt is directly related to Coach Rice and his consulting. Thanks Coach!

Kevin Hall, Men’s Basketball Coach
Johnson University, Knoxville, TN

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